A diamond is forever, but a district is for a decade.

Gerrymandering began over 200 years ago. But in 2011, it was reborn.

With advanced mapmaking technology and voter data from millions of Americans, state legislators drew new U.S. House, state house, and state senate maps across the country. In states like Ohio and North Carolina, they disenfranchised Democrats. In Maryland and Illinois, they disenfranchised Republicans. By ‘packing’ (concentrating) one party’s voters into a few districts — or by ‘cracking’ (diluting) them across many — state legislators were able to fix the outcomes of certain elections before they even happened.

On the one hand, this violated the rights of millions of Americans and disproportionately affected voters of color. But on the other, it inspired some gorgeous jewelry.

TX-35 runs 100 miles from Austin to San Antonio. MI-14 connects Pontiac to Detroit with a big zig-zag. FL-4 carves out the city of Jacksonville. LA-6 tip-toes around the African-American neighborhoods of Baton Rouge. OH-1 randomly tacks on Warren County. And NC-6 splits the largest historically black public college into two districts; so if you move across campus, you have to re-register to vote.

And that’s just our first 6!

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Jewelry that will have you saying “Wait…what?” 

Because in 2021, new maps will be drawn for U.S. House and state legislative elections that will last until 2031. So if you’d like these pendants to become relics, vote for state legislators and governors who will draw fair maps that don’t look like our jewelry, or support gerrymander-reforming ballot measures and state constitutional amendments if they’re allowed in your state.

Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, and thanks for wearing Gerrymander™.